How We Work


How We Work


How does Tasty Fish Marketing® do so much?

Simply put, we combine our small company values, big company know-how, and a world-class supplier network. With 20+ years of experience with Fortune 1,000 companies, Tasty Fish Marketing™ has strong relationships with many of the industry’s best practitioners. This includes firms and individuals specializing in strategy, research, social media, digital, promotions, public relations and industrial design.

Whether you need a fresh perspective, or a focused resource, Tasty Fish Marketing® helps you achieve your goals with out-of-the-box strategic thinking—deeply grounded in customer needs and wants, internally and externally!


The 4 D’s Approach


  1. Discover
    • Review all relevant documents including marketing plans, research, detailed definition of primary target, as well as other close-in potential targets
    • Review or research what strategies/tactics/incentives/content is working for comparable products
    • Understand what has worked and what has not worked to date in reaching and driving sales
    • Align on expectations of work. This includes scope, plan, budget, timing and deliverables
  1. Develop
    • Define target(s) and user experience as needed
    • Develop objectives, strategies and tactics
    • Develop positioning and messaging
    • Develop concepts and prototypes to establish look and feel
    • Test internally with Management
    • Test externally with Customers, including Retailers and End-Users as appropriate
  2. Deliver
    • QA testing to validate against development requirements
    • Deployment of assets
  1. Derive
    • User acceptance testing
    • Constantly looking, listening, monitoring and adjusting as needed
    • Assess, iterate and optimize results