Case Studies

Clients range from startups to multi-billion-dollar corporations

Sample work includes validating a new idea or product, developing a new process or campaign, identifying and vetting an adjacent target market, and finding the appropriate world-class strategic partners to develop and execute with excellence.


Case Study #1 – Validating a new product idea, developing and launching the product

With a great idea, supporting technology and preliminary plan, the client’s goals were to develop and launch its high-tech cleaning device as quickly as possible.

Working closely with the firm’s investors and executive management team, Birnbaum Consulting helped the client identify short-term and longer-term objectives.

Key deliverables included assessing overall interest qualitatively, developing and testing a concept quantitatively, determining the potential size of the opportunity and initiating the strategy for design, distribution and promotion. Birnbaum Consulting also connected the firm to world-class strategic suppliers, including its industrial design and public relations partners.

The company launched its initial offering in 6 months.

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Case Study #2 – Identifying and vetting an adjacent target market

A global leader in personal care products wanted to expand its US presence by targeting an adjacent, largely untapped consumer audience.

Partnering with internal stakeholders across divisions, Birnbaum Consulting helped the client assess this growing market and the feasibility of successfully targeting.  Insights resulted from the synthesis of in-house research, across divisions and regions, with new qualitative and quantitative research among external customers.

Key deliverables included a comprehensive presentation to the executive management team on the market’s segmentation, needs, priorities and fit with existing equities.  A series of recommendations were also made to effectively innovate in this space.

Alignment was secured to actively pursue the target audience.  Next steps were approved and resources were allocated.

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Case Study #3 – Developing a new process and campaign

Client was undergoing a fundamental change in a key element of its business model.  Challenge was to make this change without significantly impacting its core strategic partners.

Working directly with the executive management team, Birnbaum Consulting assessed every touch point (and its impact) to identify ways to minimize the frustration and expense during the transition period.

Key deliverable included the creation and documentation of an optimized business process. Also, the development of a tool to launch marketing campaigns, through strategic partners, to increase compliance with prescribed medications.

With more effective interfacing and marketing, a significant portion of the client’s customer base was maintained.

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