Connect with customers in ways never thought possible

Whether your goal is to grow an existing brand or business, or to create a new one, Tasty Fish Marketing™ helps you connect with customers in ways never thought possible.

Internal Connecting

To effectively identify goals, strategies and resources, short-term and long-term, it is critical to meet with the internal customer team. This may include executive management, cross-functional leaders and those in the trenches on a day-to-day basis. A key result is insight, from each group’s perspective, on possible ways to meet objectives (along with potential watch-outs). This internal connecting helps secure alignment on what success truly looks like!

External Connecting

Simply put, this means identifying meaningful customer needs and wants. Depending on objectives, this is done with end users, influencers, trade partners, suppliers and/or strategic alliances. Tasty Fish Marketing™ combines first-hand experience with its world-class supplier network to identify meaningful and relevant opportunities. Market research, qualitative and quantitative, is often a cornerstone for discovering, measuring and validating those opportunities. The result is fact-based data to guide recommendations and choices—and the innovation solutions!



Innovate to create meaningful customer experiences

There are many ways to effectively innovate. Options include launching new products, offering new services or enhancing margins. Critical for success is connecting with your customers, internally and externally, to identify unmet needs, opportunities or pain points. However, for successful innovation, it is important to know where to connect (or play) and how to connect (or win). The answers often stem from stated and unstated goals and strategies.

Tasty Fish Marketing™ helps you assess, evolve or build an innovation strategy (or roadmap) for success. It also innovates against existing strategies. Either way, we help you understand your customers, category, competition and equities.

Through the Connect phase, the ideation process is well underway. This can include discovery, concept writing, idea validation, financial assessment, in-home-use testing and securing alignment internally to move forward. As appropriate, Tasty Fish Marketing™ is also a resource to help with the developmental and commercialization phases. From working closely with R&D to field a home-use test, to developing the consumer promotions, to putting together a comprehensive launch plan, we are here to help.

If needed, a customized “stage-gate” process can be created. This tool helps determine whether an idea warrants further resources and development. It also guides prioritization and making informed, strategic choices.



Grow revenue and value

The end-goal is to create or grow value. Paths to success include gaining share, growing the category, cutting costs, close-in line extensions, long-term innovations, strategic alliances or acquisitions. However, common to all paths, is a clear understanding of what success means for you and your external customers!

To successfully grow a business, essential ingredients are needed. Goals, strategies, ideas and resources are a few of the basics. The process and planning is quite similar to a high-output greenhouse. An initial decision is what, and how much, do I want to grow (what are the goals and strategy)? Next, the appropriate seeds, or ideas, need to be identified and planted (Connect and Innovate phases). Then, the seeds require appropriate lighting, temperature and fertilizer to become plants. Finally, with the right nourishment and environment, the plants grow into blossoming trees.

The primary goal of Tasty Fish Marketing™ is to help create or grow shareholder value. We do this by creating and cultivating a “greenhouse” of customer-grounded seeds and plants, which grow into blossoming trees.


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