When I meet with a prospective client, one of the first questions I ask is “Who is your ideal customer?” Or in marketing jargon, “Can you describe the profile of your targeted customer?” The response provides incredible insight on the client’s objectives, competitive landscape, and marketing savviness. Surprisingly, many do not have a definitive answer.

Another question I ask is “How are you currently growing your business with marketing?” While some may provide a few details about basic tactics, most respond with something like “Funds are tight, maybe next year.” Another favorite is: “Not sure, but my marketing folks have it under control” or “We’re too busy, I can’t prioritize marketing right now.”

Why Marketing Really Matters

I get it, we’re all busy and need to manage expenses. Plus marketing can be mysterious, and the results aren’t always easy to measure. However, given the strong correlation between effective marketing and business growth, it is important to understand why marketing matters.

To help clients develop successful marketing programs, I created a “fishing” analogy.

It goes something like this: “Would you go fishing without knowing what type of fish you’re trying to catch, or what bait works best to catch that fish?” Whether you fish or not, the analogy seems to resonate.

The premise is: the steps required to catch a tasty fish are virtually identical to successfully marketing any product or service. My 6-step process is as follows:

Step 1: Determine the type of fish — or customers — you’re trying to catch

Step 2: Figure out where these tasty fish are hanging out, so you can catch more of them!

Step 3: Optimize the bait — or offering — to be even tastier to them

Step 4: Use the appropriate gear — or marketing vehicles — to reel them in!

Step 5: Treat your customers the right way, and you’ll catch them over and over again

Step 6: Analyze the evolving landscape to confirm these fish are still tasty to you — and you’re still tasty to them!

Some people find fishing to be incredibly relaxing. Others find it frustrating. In a similar way, while marketing is incredibly rewarding to some — it can be extremely frustrating to others. With Tasty Fish Marketing™, the mystery is gone, and creating a highly effective marketing program becomes an achievable goal for any business. Let’s meet for a tuna-steak and talk about catching the tastiest fish for your business!